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Inventory Visibility and Management

Easily find and process your inventory – indoors, outdoors and between your facilities.

How Does An Inventory Management Company Impact Your Operations and Supply Chain?

Inventory management companies provide solutions to ensure you always have the materials and finished goods on hand in order to keep your production process moving. From inbound shipping receipt of materials, to processing and production work, to storage and outbound shipping activities, understanding where your inventory is located at all times provides insights and optimization opportunities.

Inventory management company workflows provide insight to location, status, and expected next steps while also unlocking intelligence for stock and flow planning with first-in, first-out (FIFO) alerts as well as where-to-work data that maximizes your labor efforts.

Surgere Solutions for Inventory Management

Surgere’s Interius SaaS solution provides real-time insight and proactive decision making for your inventory management needs. Once implemented, you will get alerts and notifications about your inventory levels and trends. This data allows you to make better decisions for what you will be shipping out while ensuring you always have enough coming in to keep the production lines moving. 

When integrated to your company enterprise systems, this inventory tracking data supplements other planning data to help you manage and respond to order volume changes over time.

Surgere’s engineering team will review your facility, operational needs, and inventory that you need to track in order to recommend a solution that works in a single facility or across many facilities in your network.

During installation, all hardware and tags or sensors will be fine-tuned to ensure 99.9% data accuracy in your warehouse or location.

Using Interius, our SaaS toolset, you can access that tool location data any time, on any device. Interius also allows you to configure alerts and notifications, so you have the latest information, at a glance.

Interius Inventory Management Benefits

  • Real-time location information provides certainty and proper planning
  • Plan and predict where shortage and overage quantities may cause operational issues
  • Alerts for any exceptions or unplanned activity
  • Adapt to changing stock-and-flow activities and FIFO demands of various inventory types

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