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On-the-Go Supply Chain Intelligence: Handhelds and Tablets

Enable Your Workforce to Work Anywhere, Anytime with Handheld Scanning Devices: Handhelds, Sleds, Tablets.

What are Handheld and Mobile Scanning Devices?

Fixed position scanning devices are great for bulk scanning and tracking movement inside and outside a facility, but many supply chain and warehouse operations require on-the-go scanning and operations process that can only be completed with handheld and mobile devices. 

These devices come in many form factors and can be used in both RFID and GPS applications to provide access to location data or common workflow activities like commissioning a tag.

How Will I Use Handheld Devices in My Supply Chain and Warehouse Management?

Many of Surgere’s clients use handheld devices for common activities such as commissioning and associating RFID tags to their intended reusable container or other asset type. Because the devices are easily carried, they can also be used for cycle counts and activities like finding a specific asset within a warehouse floor or outdoor storage yard.

More advanced handheld devices can also enable GPS pin placements that supplement information about the asset with exact location details for reduction in time and labor finding and processing the assets and materials.

Surgere's IoT Supply Chain Partners

Surgere partners with premium providers for all hardware and scanning technology. We will provide recommendations for each supply chain visibility need, including the pros and cons, scalability and expected longevity of each plan.

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