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Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence… Very Real Results

Evolve Your Supply Chain Data Maturity With AI Tools in Interius

Built on Microsoft architecture, Surgere’s Interius SaaS is the tool you need to unlock supply chain intelligence. Better yet, we’ve engineered Interius with Power BI reports and tools that allow you to ask the system for exactly the data you need.

The more data you put into Interius, the smarter it becomes. Don’t spend time reacting to information from yesterday or last week. With the tools available in Interius, you get answers to trends and future outlooks that keep you ahead of supply chain slowdowns, inventory shortages, and times when you have to make costly exceptions to process.

AI in supply chain is the feature that keeps you ahead of competition and makes you a preferred partner and customer for suppliers around the world.

Ready to learn more about AI in Interius and how you can master your supply chain? Get in touch and we’ll show you.

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