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Asset Localization: The Leading Industry Solution for Your Warehouse

The Issue at Hand

Warehouse industry leaders have encountered a variety of issues within their facilities that are inefficient and cost-inducive. Some of these problems include:

  • Misplaced internal containers
  • Inability to efficiently count inventory in real-time
  • The manual process of cycle counting
  • New additions of manual labor due to unexpected inventory or container issues arising

With the development of new technologies and software, all these issues can be reduced greatly or eliminated altogether. It is evident that traditional manual processes are slowing down production and inducing a variety of costs that leaders have been looking to eliminate for a long time. These leaders are now turning to technology and are beginning to implement one of the best solutions in the industry into their warehouse processes: asset localization.

What is Asset Localization?

There are 3 main components to Surgere’s solution of asset localization:

  • UHF RFID tags
  • Smart Antenna technology
  • Surgere’s software suite Interius™

Our solution is designed to identify, locate, and manage assets within a facility.

The UHF RFID tags are applied to critical production materials such as returnable packaging, containers, vehicles, parts, etc. A passive RFID Smart Antenna technology is attached to the ceiling of the facility. This technology captures all tag reads within a 1-meter space and sends this information to our software, where it is turned into actionable insights. Our software suite Interius™ is a user interface empowered by Microsoft Azure Maps and Microsoft Power BI. Interius™ empowers the users to have real-time visibility into the exact location of the tagged assets. Since the technology tracks assets within a 1-meter space, the facilities can be divided into specific zones to optimize material identification, inventory, and warehouse processes.

Another way to optimize our asset localization solution is to pair it with transaction data collected by other passive RFID tagged assets and portals moving in and out of the facility. This provides users with complete end-to-end supply chain visibility throughout the entire area of the warehouse.

The Results

Our clients that have begun utilizing asset localization into their warehouse processes have encountered benefits and results such as:

  • Significant reduction in labor and operations costs
  • Enhancements in process flow and inventory management processes
  • Better control of raw material sourcing
  • Optimization in shipping processes
  • Ability to move to flexible/dynamic storage warehouse
  • Improvements in workplace safety initiatives

Want to learn more about asset localization and Interius™? Come see Tom Strain, our VP of Technology, speak at the Automotive Packaging Summit on September 7-8!

Curious about localization and its potential for your warehouses?

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