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Surgere Launches New Warehouse Management System for Hutchinson

GREEN, OH. (June 3, 2022) – Surgere, a leader in supply chain visibility, has launched a new RFID technology application with Hutchinson North America, a manufacturer of EPDM and TPV Engineered Sealing System products for the automotive industry, to provide visibility within their warehouse. The new, IOS application designed to be used with a RFID Sled Handheld that Surgere provided is part of their patented InteriusTM system. This is the first launch of Surgere’s new IOS application technology.

The Interius™ IOS Application is a software application developed and provided by Surgere to be used on a RFID handheld device that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet. The program performs cycle counting within a facility, and seeks and finds inventory and asset commissioning. This is the first time Surgere has deployed an RFID handheld which utilizes a smart phone as the user interface. The client then equips any handheld device in their warehouse to the IOS application to gather data.

The first phase of this project began in February and is used to tag and track Hutchinson-owned packaging and compliance for OEM returnable packaging management in their Body Sealing Systems warehouse in Newfields, New Hampshire. The application will also tag and track other OEM containers upon arrival for verification.

Surgere’s application allows Hutchinson to reduce their manual input process and provide real-time inventory visibility at the time of production through integration to Hutchinson’s existing production and inventory systems. It will also enhance the company’s finished goods and outbound shipment visibility and functionality to eliminate asset loss and the costs associated with it.

“What we are doing with Hutchinson will be a game-changer in terms of warehouse management,” says Bill Wappler, founder and CEO of Surgere. “With this new technology we can automate and enhance raw material, work-in-progress, and finished goods inventory management and location processes, saving Hutchinson time and money.”

“We have been working closely with Surgere on implementing this new program and have been amazed at how quickly Surgere brought everything together from concept to implementation,” says Bob Hanson, Hutchinson Body Sealing CEO. “The utilization of Surgere’s IoT technology will result in the overall reduction of manual input and interaction throughout the Hutchinson facility. We are pleased with the results we have seen and look forward to expanding this system throughout all our facilities.”

Surgere’s InteriusTM supply chain software suite encompasses the company’s expanding flexible IoT sensor-based technology in order to accurately gather activity data. Interius™ is comprised of specific modules that deliver insight from warehouse and yard, waste management, and container tracking.

About Surgere

Surgere is an industry pioneer leveraging IoT technology to revolutionize the supply chain. Surgere knows the challenges and has engineered innovative secure technology, patented software, and certified hardware. Surgere expands visibility into the physical supply chain supporting many of the world’s leading industries by delivering 99.9% accurate data on the “who, what, where, and when” of parts, returnable containers, trailers, and finished goods. Founded in 2004, Surgere is headquartered in Green, Ohio, with a second office in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Learn more at

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