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PODCAST: Small businesses need help with their inventory

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William Wappler, a leading supply chain expert and the Founder and CEO of Surgere, an Ohio-based company specializing in the use of IoT technology to solve supply chain issues joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest William Wappler discuss the following:

  1. Supply chain problems have become one of the biggest consumer and commercial issues since the start of the pandemic. Consumers see images of boats stuck in the Suez (Suez Canal?), containers stacked in ports, and empty shelves. Those images are the outward signs. What does this actually mean to manufacturers and end-use customers?
  2. For a small business trying to replenish inventory, meet late orders, and attempt inventory forecasting, what challenges do you see over the next 12 months?
  3. Where can small businesses turn for help with their inventory needs? What solutions can they employ?
  4. The global manufacturing market is making huge changes in production, especially leaving China? What changes do you see coming/where/and how will this help the supply chain?
  5. How can businesses make improvements now in their inventory and supply chain issues to create systems with fewer bottlenecks and labor stressors?

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